Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Keeland Center Policies

Be sure to take a look at the Keeland Center Policies for 2010-2011. All students should know this information before going into the Keeland Center.

The following section details what is expected of shop users(note this is only a fragment of the information):

-All shop users are required to take the general shop orientation to gain admittance into the shop to use any of the shop’s equipment.

-After the general orientation everyone is required to conform to admission policies to be allowed passed past the front desk. Basic safety requirement are:

-The Proper shoes; shoes that tie or strap on, no open toe and must have slip resistant soles

-Proper shoes cannot be worn like slip on shoes, a good test is……… can you pull the shoe off with the other foot?

-Safety glasses must meet a minimum ATSM Z87 standard, must have clear, non reflective or colored lenses

-Prescription glasses must have clear identifying marks labeling them for this application with side shields

Click the Link for the full downloadable file.
Keeland Center Policies

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